Me and some Macaw friends

(Coco the Harlequin, Lucky the Blue and Gold 

& Cyrano the Greenwing).

Nani one of my many bred lovebirds. 

Me Elvis and Lola. 

These are

Priscilla (left) and Elvis (right)

my Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots  

The bird that started it all My Dear Departed Cockatiel AXL

I miss you very much.


This is Jake my DYH Amazon.  He is nearly 4 years old. 




My name is Cheryl.  I've had the pleasure to have the company of birds for many years, from cockatiels, canaries, lovebirds, parrotlets, parakeets, African Greys, Amazons, and Eclectus parrots.  It all started with one cockatiel and then grew into breeding cockatiels, getting larger pet parrots and my birds are my life now.  I cannot imagine being without them.  Some of the pictures on this pages are my birds, I've had many lovebird and cockatiel babies that I have sold along with the parrots shown.

Obviously due to the quantity of birds that I have (9), I have little time to travel, and the birds are not all, I have two dogs.  Therefore my love of animals has brought me to a place where I want to give those with animals a chance to travel themselves.

 I will provide bird sitting in my home or yours.   Location depends on bird sizes and quantity of birds.

 I can also while I am at your home, let your dog out, walk him (if he's not a dog that will walk me) as well as bring in your mail if you desire.

 Contact me via my email:

I reside in Palm Beach County.



Telephone:  561 371 4096.   

If I am unable to take your call please give me as much information as possible (dates you will be away, type/quantity of birds and location of care). 

Discounts are given for long stays.

Thank you for  your interest in Cheryl's Parrot Services.  Price depends on bird type, quantity and how far your location is if the care is there.


Below is my African Grey Lola.  I've handfed her since she was 6 weeks old.  She is now nearly 4 years old.

Below is my African Grey Bingo.  Since Bingo reached puberty, he has been living with a friend who is a man and he seems to prefer a male companion now.  He is doing very well and I receive updates, although I miss him very much.

I handfed him from the time he was 5 weeks old.  He is now nearly 11 years old. 

I had never handfed a baby before Bingo, and then the bird love exploded.



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